Hair Salon Near Qualcomm San Diego

Hair Salon Near Qualcomm San Diego

Hair Salon Near QualcommMany Qualcomm employees who work in the area regularly visit our shopping mall. The experienced, professional and caring staff at our hair salon near Qualcomm San Diego cannot wait to exceed your expectation. We have a beautiful hair salon conveniently located near Qualcomm buildings and many restaurants. We provide our haircut services for men and women. The ambiance of our salon is very relaxing and casual. You can go for a quick haircut if you are at work or if you are planning on attending a dinner or a night event, you can give us a visit after work. We are open until later to make sure you will get the service which you need.

Save Time

Everybody is very busy and every minute is worth saving. Our Ahura hair salon near Qualcomm San Diego can save you a lot of time and to avoid you from travelling long distances to other locations. We cover a variety of different hair services  and you can easily request for them in advance by requesting for an appointment ahead of time even from your cell phone. And we will accommodate your busy schedule.

Have A Fashion Sense

Hair Salon Near QualcommThey say you have to get dressed for the job you want and not the job you got. Well, we believe the same is true about one’s hair style. Your hair style says a lot about you. You have to have a sense of fashion. The staff and hair stylist at the hair salon near Qualcomm San Diego can help you decide on a hair style which would fit your needs the best and also be representative of who you are, what you do and whom you want to be. You can find different men’s hair style and women’s hair styles here.


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